Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

What kinds of training does EPCC offer?

We offer training for educators, parents and adults interested in learning more about how to raise peaceful, competent and self assured children prepared to live successfully in today’s world. In addition to our core 16 and 19 hour courses, we provide one day and half day trainings on specific topics such as self esteem, the role of play in education, the effect of fear and anxiety on brain development. We can also provide customized trainings for group with specific interests in any child and non-violence related area. Finally, EPCC is happy to provide presentations and/or keynote speakers for your organization’s meetings or conferences.Back to Top

How do I get into these trainings?

Educators for Peaceful Classrooms and Communities provides weekend training programs for ECE professionals and other interested groups. The Project also conducts customized trainings/workshops/seminars focusing on areas selected by the group requesting training. For information about upcoming trainings or to arrange a training or customized presentation for your organization email click the “contact us” button on the homepage of this website. Back to Top

How much does it cost?

As a planning guide, the total cost of EPCC’s core 16 and 19 hour trainings is currently $1,500.00 to cover the services of three trainers (plus any travel, food and lodging costs required) and $50 per participant for the extensive participant’s manual and other training materials. Organizations must also plan for any site-specific costs (e.g. site rental, food, lodging of participants). Some organizations fully or partially cover the cost of training for individual participants and others divide the cost among the participants.
The cost of shorter, customized trainings or presentations is significantly less and depends on the nature and extent of the training desired. EPCC trainers are also often available at no cost to provide short presentations for educational or other organizations that support or have an interest in peace and nonviolence work.Back to Top

How many hours is the training?

Level I training is 16 hours. It is usually done over a weekend, but can be spread over a number of evenings or two Saturdays. Level II is 19 hours. It usually begins Friday evening and goes to Sunday late afternoon. Level II may also be conducted over a number of evenings or successive Saturdays. EPCC also offers customized trainings on specific topics that are 1.5 hours and up.Back to Top

Do you offer college credit?

California Community Colleges have provided one unit of college credit each for EPCC’s Level I and Level II trainings. It is up to the sponsoring group to arrange for college credit. We can provide guidance on how to go about making these arrangements.Back to Top

Do you offer it in Spanish or other languages?

We offer bilingual Spanish/English trainings. We are in the process of translating the Participants Manual into Spanish.Back to Top

Can I buy the materials without taking the training?

No, the manuals are training specific. The material would not be very useful to someone who has not participated in the training.Back to Top

Can I do just part of the training?

The Level I, level II and Internship trainings are sequential with later courses scaffolding on earlier ones. We do not allow participants to attend only part of a Level I or II training. If there are portions of the training or specific topics that you or your group are interested in, we can create a customized training or presentation of as little as 1.5 hours.Back to Top

Do you offer shorter workshops?

We offer customized workshops for anywhere from 1 hour to one day. We work with the sponsor on the specific content that meets the needs of their audience. See Workshops.Back to Top

Can I take level two before level one?

Level II is based on the learning from level I. It is necessary to have the knowledge to fully participate in Level II. Back to Top

Is this training appropriate for parents?

Yes, parents will gain immeasurably from both the Level I and II training. We are also pleased to provide customized trainings specifically related to parent issues. Back to Top

I teach high school. Will this training be appropriate for me?

Yes. If your organization would like to sponsor a Level I and Level II training for secondary educators we can customize it for you. Individually, you are welcome to attend any training in your area. Please note, though, that most of the participants in our core training offerings will be early childhood and elementary educators, so those will be the issues that will be used to illustrate the principals of our work. Back to Top

Do I have to be a teacher to attend?

NO, we are very interested in the participation of families and community members. We can even customize training for specific groups. Back to Top

Can you help me network with other people in my area?

We would be happy to give your contact information to others in your area who have participated in EPCC Trainings. Back to Top

Can I use EPCC materials to teach courses or seminars?

Not without permission. The contents of the manuals are copyrighted and the property of Educators for Peaceful Classrooms and Communities. Those who have completed the training may secure permission before reprinting any materials contained in the notebook. Back to Top

How do I become a trainer?

Educators for Peaceful Classrooms and Communities is always excited to expand our training team. You must complete both Level I and II trainings and participate in the one-year internship to become a trainer. Back to Top

How do I become a trainer?

The project is available to come to your community. Our training team can travel and the travel cost will be covered by the sponsoring organization at the most reasonable option. Housing is also provided by the sponsor. Home hospitality is an option. Back to Top