Play and Peace Education

Session 1

Creating Safe and Trusting Places to Live and Learn  |  PDF

Session 2

Skills for Building Safe and Trusting Environments  |  PDF

Session 3

Teacher’s Role in Creating A Culture of Non-Violence  |  PDF

Session 4

Supporting Diversity through Children’s Literature: Inspiring children to become life long readers by exposing them to meaningful literacy experiences.  |  PDF

Session 5

Creating your Personal Philosophy Statement  |  PDF

Session 6

Building Community – Weaving it All Together  |  PDF

CAEYC Workshop Outline:  How Do I say, “I can’t Serve Your Child?”  | PDF

CAEYC Workshop Handout:  How Do I say, “I can’t Serve Your Child?”  |  PDF

Collaborating with Children Workshop |  PDF

Creating a Quality Team Community  |  PDF

Is it Bullying or Something Else?  |  PDF

Make the Connection– Peace Education and Ecological Sustainability  |  PDF

Peace Ed Social and Emotional Workshop  |  PDF

Positive Parenting: 3 Day Agenda  |  PDF

Where to Find Linguistically and Culturally Diverse Children’s Books  |  PDF